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Wireless Loadbars


Available in two different lengths; 600mm and 1000mm, the Wireless Loadbars are a fantastic solution for quick and easy weighing anywhere on the farm.

Key Features:

Connect wirelessly to a TW Weigh Scale

Bluetooth connectivity sends weights straight to a Gallagher TW Weigh Scale

Use your phone to collect weights

Bluetooth connectivity sends weights straight to the Gallagher Animal Performance mobile app, removing the need for a weigh scale

Animal Performance Plus subscription fee applies.

No cables needed

Wireless connectivity removes the risk of cables being chewed by rodents, stood on by stock or damage to traditional scale connectors

Long lasting, reliable lithium battery power

Up to 10 years of battery life*. When battery is running low, the Animal Performance mobile app will notify you to order a replacement lithium battery pack

*Based on 4 hours of weighing per week.

Transportable and easy to install

Wireless design makes loadbars easy to transport and move to different weighing locations

Tough, farm ready exterior

Waterproof, galvanised steel chassis construction built to withstand the harshest of farming environments

Accurate livestock weights, time after time

Loadbar cells contain no moving parts, ensuring no wear for long-lasting accurate weights

Versatile loadbar designed for platforms and weighing under a crush

Universal design that fits under most livestock platforms and suitable for cattle crush and sheep handlers


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Farming Equipment & Technology Fund (FETF) 2023 compliant. To view other available products, please click here.

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