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Weigh Scale W1

1003156-01 Weigh Scale - W1
  • 246mmHeight
  • 184Width
  • 188Length
  • W1 Weigh Scale

    Weigh - Scale W1


Weigh Scale W1 is an Entry- level, EID- compatible weigh scale with WiFi connectivity to sync your animal data straight to your Animal Performance web and mobile app Record weights against an animal tag number to manage weight gain and maximize your livestock performance. Weighing with animal ID’s allows you to make more informed decisions and monitor your animal’s performance over its lifetime. Weights are automatically matched to the animal’s ID number so you can record animal data and monitor growth over multiple sessions. built-in WiFi connectivity allows you to sync your data straight to Animal Performance web and mobile app, so your animal information is always up to date and available on your mobile app, P.C, and other weighing hardware.

Features unique to this Weigh Scale W1 include:

  • Record individual animal weight and weight gains.
  • Sync your animal data without leaving the yards.
  • Information at your fingertips
  • Easy to read, full- colour screen
  • No load bar cables needed – compatible with Wireless Loadbars
  • Connects to wireless EID readers
  • On the spot digital notes and alerts
  • View animal performance in the yards
  • Sort your animals in up to 9 groups with custom drafting
  • Tough, farm ready design
  • Long- lasting, rechargeable lithium battery
  • Full control of your weigh scale operating modes
  • Suitable for permanent or temporary installation

  • 1003156-01 Weigh Scale - W1
  • 025018 - Gallagher Part Number