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M800 Squeeze Cattle Crush

1002398-01 - M800 Squeeze Crush
  • Length: 2950mm
  • Base Length: 2120mm
  • Width: 860mm
  • Internal Width: 760mm-285mm
  • Height: 2250mm
  • Weight: 755kg
  • M800 Squeeze Cattle Crush

    M800 Squeeze Cattle Crush

  • M800 Squeeze Cattle Crush Reverse

    M800 Squeeze Cattle Crush Reverse

  • M800 Squeeze Cattle Crush in use

    M800 Squeeze Cattle Crush in use

  • M800 Squeeze Cattle Crush close up

    M800 Squeeze Cattle Crush close up

  • Close up

    M800 Squeeze Cattle Crush close up

  • Deep Profile Floor

    Deep Profile Floor


The M800 squeeze is the ideal marriage of the Manual Yoke and the 800 Series Squeeze body, which provides a great platform for a wide range of cattle breeds and sizes.  Featuring 84 Acoustic Dampening Points (ADP) the M800 Squeeze is the quietest, most feature packed crush that IAE has ever produced.

Manual Yoke

Where it stops it locks. Decades of experience have resulted in what we believe to be the perfect yoke. The spring balanced mechanism is operated with minimal effort, meaning reduced handler fatigue and significant efficiency gains. Unlike traditional yoke designs, the friction lock scissor yoke does not require width pre-setting and will catch and hold cattle with a neck width anywhere between 100mm and 760mm. This means that whatever cattle you have in the race, you can be confident that you’ll catch them.

The bespoke molded yoke baffles safely guide cattle, reduce leg and head traps and in combination with our unique Acoustic Dampening Points (ADP) help to provide a quiet, low stress environment for you and your herd.

For ultimate flexibility, the yoke can be operated anywhere along the length of the crush, which is supplied as a right-hand unit but can be converted to left hand operation quickly and easily.

Squeeze Body

The squeeze body is the pinnacle of IAE crush body design; containing 77 Acoustic Dampening Points (ADP) it’s the quietest body that IAE have ever produced. The ergonomic, level operated manual squeeze mechanism has an operating range between 285mm and 760mm designed to restrain cattle calmly and safely.

The friction break immediately locks the width of the body when the operating lever is released regardless of inward or outward movement. TB access doors are fitted as standard to both sides of the body and fully baffled yoke doors help to reduce the animals’ peripheral vision when in the working zone, making vet treatments safer for both handler and cattle.

The sleek squeeze mechanism means that you’ll still get great access to the animals’ flanks, with 4 fully opening quarter doors and a removable quick release cross bar. A 10mm thick, deep profile rubber floor gives excellent grip, even in wet conditions to give cattle stability, confidence, and to reduce noise.


  • Ergonomic lever operation anywhere along the length of the crush.
  • Where it stops it locks; releasing the operating lever locks the yoke.
  • No pre-setting required; cattle of all sizes can be easily handled.
  • Lightweight yet tough polymer baffles are easily accelerated to ensure fast yoking and a safe environment for cattle and handlers.
  • Operation can easily be changed from right to left hand to suit on-site requirements.
  • Solid pivot points and heavy-duty construction for longevity and stopping power.
  • Optional front gate for horned animals.
  • Ergonomic squeeze to safely restrain a range of cattle sizes.
  • Where it stops it locks squeeze technology.
  • 10mm thick, deep profile floor.
  • TB Access doors.
  • Ratchet backing up bar.
  • Full access doors.
  • Integrated lifting and load bar points as standard.
  • Compatible with sliding gate or extension.
  • Compatible with foot trimming kit.

Farming Equipment & Technology Fund (FETF 2024) compliant (FETF61) with sliding gate or extension. View our complete product guide here.

Optional Extras

  • 1002398-01 - M800 Squeeze Crush

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