Why invest in a Fixed Cattle Handling System?

28th March, 2024 | posted by IAE Media

A Fixed Cattle Handling System (FCHS) is a permanent infrastructure used to manage and handle cattle in an efficient and effective manner. Many farmers will have considered investing in a fixed cattle handling system to improve their operations and optimise their resources, and with grant funding available now could be an excellent time to invest.

Fixed Cattle Handling System

What funding can I get with an IAE Fixed Cattle Handling System?

We are very pleased to share that our FCHS is eligible for funding under the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund under section FETF57. Please visit their website for further details on the application: Additionally, our system is also eligible under the Farming Connect: Small Grants Efficiency Scheme:

What are the advantages of a Fixed Cattle Handling System?

Increased Productivity

One of the main benefits of a Fixed Cattle Handling System is increased productivity. A well-designed FCHS can streamline the handling process and reduce stress on both the cattle and handlers. The IAE system has many features designed to improve efficiency including long narrow holding pens, a fully stock-board crowding pen and stock-board clad races. Which all lead to improved throughput, faster sorting, and less time spent on routine tasks for higher efficiency and productivity.

Improved Animal and Handler Welfare

Investing in a Fixed Cattle Handling System can greatly enhance the well-being of the animals and the safety of the handler. Our system allows for better control and handling, to minimise stress and the potential for injuries during loading, unloading, weighing, and veterinary procedures. Careful attention has been given to remove leg traps in pressure areas and we use the cattle’s instinct to “return home” to encourage them through the system. We have removed distractions as the stock board cladding limits external visibility, reducing stress and creating healthier animals for improved herd performance. For additional security all IAE Fixed Cattle Handling systems have a “safe working area” for handlers, complete with squeeze gaps to allow you to quickly enter or exit the holding pens when needed. Essential features such as these, along with durable construction are our standard when you choose IAE.

Labour Cost Reduction

By implementing a Fixed Cattle Handling System, labour costs are significantly reduced, and the system’s design can dramatically improve efficiency. Compartmentalised holding pens, a non-return crowding gate, and sliding stop gates all contribute to better control of the cattle with less labour. Because fewer workers needed for these operations, you can allocate your labour resources to other essential farm tasks, ultimately saving time and money.

Ease of Handling

A Fixed Cattle Handling System provides consistency and ease of handling for both the animals and the handlers. Our system features well-defined and easily navigable races and pens, so cattle can be quickly and safely moved from one area to another. This reduces the risk of injuries to both the animals and the handlers, making the entire process more efficient and less stressful for everyone involved.

For more information about our fixed cattle handling system and the variations we can offer, visit our website: or call the team on 01782 339320.

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