800 Series from IAE- A New Range of Cattle Crushes for 2024

29th January, 2024 | posted by IAE Media

The 800 series is finally here! Our new range features four cattle crushes plus optional extras, so you can customise the crush to suit you and your cattle. The 800 series has been in development for three years to ensure that the final product exceeded the needs of our customers. The range has endured vigorous testing both in-house and on-site at selected working farms, to see just how they performed in a busy cattle handling environment. Needless to say, the results were a success!

IAE’s latest range of cattle crushes officially launched to the public during LAMMA 2024 but as many of you know, we had several open days throughout December to celebrate the launch amongst our distributors. This provided an excellent opportunity for our stockists to familiarise themselves with the product, and to witness the quality and innovative design of the 800 series first hand.

You can watch our LAMMA launch video here.

What can the range do for you?

The 800 series includes many of the iconic features seen in IAE’s previous cattle crush range such as:

  • Improving efficiency
  • Priority of accessibility
  • Safety for both the animal and handler
  • Noise reduction
  • Quality manufacture with galvanised steel.

The new range builds on these features to create crushes that are even more versatile, accessible, quiet, and intuitive to use. Some stand out features include:

  • The Manual Yoke does not require pre-setting and will catch and hold cattle with a neck width of 100mm to 760mm.
  • The Automatic Yoke includes a patented one touch yoke reset, which allows all operations to be carried out with one handle.
  • The Squeeze Body features a sleek squeeze mechanism and 4 fully opening quarter doors.
  • The Full Access Body has 4 access doors and a quick release cross bar for safety.
  • ADPs or Acoustic Dampening Points are located throughout the crushes to reduce noise to a minimum.
  • TB access doors.
  • 20mm thick deep profile rubber floor with a 10mm tread depth to improve grip and reduce noise.

A Rundown of the 800 Series 

M800 Squeeze

m800 squeeze cc

The M800 squeeze is the ideal marriage of the Manual Yoke and the 800 Series Squeeze body, which provides a great platform for a wide range of cattle breeds and sizes.  Featuring 84 Acoustic Dampening Points (ADP) the M800 Squeeze is the quietest, most feature packed crush that IAE has ever produced.

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M800 Full Access

m800 full access cc

Where a squeeze body is not required the M800 Full Access provides a heavy-duty facility with unbeatable access. Supplied with the Manual yoke and the 800 Series Full Access body, there are over 75 Acoustic Dampening Points (ADP) to ensure a quiet, safe, and efficient handling experience.

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A800 Squeeze

a800 squeeze cc

The A800 squeeze combines our revolutionary Automatic yoke with the 800 Series Squeeze body. A combination of 81 Acoustic Dampening Points (ADP) ensures a quiet, secure environment that outperforms many of the self-locking crushes in the marketplace.

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A800 Full Access

a800 full access cc

Where the need for access outweighs a squeeze requirement the A800 Full Access gives an incredibly robust, self-locking crush with excellent access to all areas of the cattle’s body. 72 Acoustic Dampening Points (ADP) ensure a calm and quiet working environment, helping you to improve your throughput and complete routine handling tasks quicker.

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Summary of Optional Extras

The 800 series range of optional extras that have been designed to improve efficiency by simplifying routine tasks:

  • Cattle Crush extension– provides a safe and enclosed working area behind the animal to perform a range of procedures.
  • MK 4.5 Superscoop®- is an essential addition to a crush as it stabilises and restricts side to side movement of the animal’s head, making bolus delivery and ear tagging effortless.
  • Foot Trimming Kit– contains a range of supportive features to allow for simple hoof trimming on all the 800 series crushes with either right- or left-hand operation.
  • Front Cage– can be easily fitted to the manual yoke and is ideal for handling horned or aggressive cattle.

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When is the range going to be available?

We are pleased to inform our customers that the 800 series will be available for delivery from April 2024. Are you a distributor looking to arrange delivery? Please contact our team today.


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