10 Reasons Why Cattle Crushes Are Essential If You Are A Cattle Farmer

26th September, 2023 | posted by IAE Media

10 reasons why cattle crushes are essential if you are a cattle farmer

Saracen Squeeze Cattle Crush

Saracen Squeeze

1. Safe and humane way of keeping your livestock still – The crush will help to keep your cattle safe if they start to become agitated whilst you handle them.

2. Crushes can keep the cow calm and relaxed – When conducting procedures the cow has limited room to move around which helps it to remain still and calm.

3. The handler’s safety is improved – By securing the cow inside the Cattle crush the handler is less likely to receive an injury from the cattle.

4. Crushes can allow you to be more efficient in your tasks – Ease of use and reduced time are priority features when using a crush.

5. Helps to save time – Whether you are ear tagging, TB testing or conducting any other routine procedure, a cattle crush will only speed up the task.

6. You can secure the cow’s head securely – When used in conjunction with our SuperScoop, you can be assured that the cow won’t move away or use extreme force, allowing you to carry out thorough checks around the head.

7. The handler and vet have 360 access to the cow – By utilising the two fully opening side doors on each side of the crush, allows you to access to the whole cow, while it remains still and in the same position.

8. You have full control over your animal and can direct it in the direction you want to lead it – If you want your cattle to move into a new penning arrangement or direct them to a milking parlour, you have full control over which direction the cow will come out of the crush.

9. Crushes are adjustable to fit around the size of the cattle – Whether you have a calf or a bull, most crushes can fit any size animal, in particular, a squeeze crush is designed to cater to herds with varying size cattle.

10. A crush is an investment that will carry you through herd after herd for many years – Our Crushes are made to have longevity and are made to withstand heavy handling of cattle daily.

Crush after crush we have extensive experience in developing and improving our crushes to fit the needs of farmers and handlers.

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