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Weigh Systems

TW-1 Weigh Scale

B123 0346 11 - TW-1 Weigh Scale
  • 295mmHeight
  • 235mmWidth
  • 80mmDepth
  • 2.2kgWeight
  • TW1 Weigh Scale Indicator

    TW-1 Weigh Scale

  • Free tough canvas carry case


Weighing and EID Systems

Weighing is a vitally important component to better on-farm decision making and the weigh scale/data collector combined with EID equipment are the tools that enable you to begin this process. The investment in such technology will reap rewards in both the short and long term as a return can be realised immediately and over time there is the potential for a substantial return on the capital invested. Even farmers with high competence in assessing stock weights by eye will never be as accurate or as consistent at judging weight as a weigh scale.

The combination of EID technology and weigh scales makes weighing livestock an efficient process. The equipment reads quickly and is accurate every time, automatically matching the weight of the animal to its EID tag. Therefore, it offers improvements in traceability as with certain scales it is possible to see a full weight history of individual animals.

Additional benefits of operating an EID weighing system:

  • Monitor animal performance- a full history of weights can be obtained by regularly weighing livestock. This can highlight whether animals are meeting their target for daily live weight gain (DLWG)
  • Improved animal health- Individual animals who aren’t performing as well as the rest of the herd can be identified and investigated to determine the cause of the reduced DLWG
  • Forecast optimum time for sale- by realising the DLWG handlers can calculate approximately when the animals will be at the correct weight for sale.
  • This can help to ensure a maximum price is achieved per animal
    Increased accuracy of benchmarking and performance recording- Animals can be linked back to their sire or dam, allowing high performing genetic lines to be highlighted. This can aid the process of selecting replacement stock

General features to the TW and TWR range include:

  • Animal data analysis on device. Shows individual weight gain graphs, as well as weight distribution plots for all animals within a weighing session
  • On board help 24/7 – the entire product manual is loaded into the product. Help is only one click away
  • Animal notes and note alerts – record notes against animals on the spot for later review. Notes alert the operator when the animals tag is read
  • Record life data and traits – Ideally suited to farmers wanting to record and review more information than simply weight
    TW-3 can record up to 3 traits per session.TW-5 can record up to 9 traits per session
  • Tough, rugged exterior – Farm ready design. Toughened, scratch proof glass screen and waterproof casing makes it suitable for all environments
  • Market leading touch screen technology – large 177mm, full colour, outdoor readable in all conditions

Features unique to this product include:

  • Manual and automatic weight locking options
  • Assign visual tag against weight and EID number
  • Calculates average daily weight gain and carcass weight
  • Individual animal notes and weight recorded
  • Review full animal history in the yard

Comes with free tough canvas carry case


  • B123 0346 11 - TW-1 Weigh Scale