The Sky’s the limit for IAE!

17th October, 2023 | posted by IAE Media

Our very own Sales and Marketing Director, Andrew Buxton, spoke to Perimeter Systems, about the bright future of IAE Industrial.

Andrew Buxton

The appointment of Andrew Buxton as sales and marketing director at IAE has a certain ‘returning to his roots’ feel about it. Now age 50, he had grown up not far from IAE’s first manufacturing facility in the Staffordshire town of Leek. ‘It was just around the corner from me in Macclesfield Road,’ said Buxton, ‘and I was always intrigued to see what they did and especially to see the trucks leaving with the logo – ‘It’s that Pole in Leek’, on the front. It didn’t strike me for a while that it was talking about the owner and that he was Polish.’ The links though went even further with relatives working at the factory. ‘I suppose you could say that it was in my blood from a very early age and now I’ve returned but to a very different operation’.

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