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Standard Load Bars 2500kg (1000mm)

B123 0361 00 - Standard Load Bars 2500kg (1000mm)
  • Standard Load Bars 2000kg (1000mm)


  • Gallagher load bar 2500kg weighing capacity
  • length 1000mm.
  • Tough rugged steel load bars with bottom feet mounting holes that extend beyond the top covers for ease of bolting down.
  • Slotted top mounting holes fit all sizes of platforms and crushes
  • 6 metre long, tough polyurethane load bar cables
  • Fitted with high quality, moisture-proof connectors
  • Fully waterproof
  • No rubber mounts
For more information on the Gallagher Standard Load Bars 2500kg (1000mm) click here.
We supply a full range of Gallagher weigh scale indicators, load bars and handhed readers. For further visit our dedicated  weighing and EID products page, by clicking here.
Farming Equipment & Technology Fund (FETF 2024) compliant (FETF79SH/FETF79PI/CA). View our complete product guide here.


  • B123 0361 00 - Standard Load Bars 2500kg (1000mm)
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