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Fixed Cattle Handling Systems


IAE offer expertise gained from many years of supplying fixed cattle handling systems to suit every situation from many of the largest UK cattle markets to the most awkward sites in fields and on farms.

The most recent theories in animal welfare and operative safety have been incorporated into our latest designs including semi circular forcing pens and sweeping curved races.

IAE offer site visits on behalf of our vast dealer network to design layouts and prepare quotations.

For further information please contact IAE or the relevant Area Sales Manager

  • Galvanised sheet or stockboard cladding options on forcing pens and races
  • Fully cladded or part cladded options on cattle races
  • Safe working areas
  • Raised walkways available to suit straight or curved cattle races


  • Option fully clad galvanised sheet
  • Option part clad galvanised sheet
  • Option fully clad stockboard
  • Option part clad stockboard


  • Option fully clad galvanised sheet with part clad forcing gate
  • Option fully clad stockboard with part clad forcing gate
  • Walkways
  • NOTE: Forcing gates are part clad

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