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The DraftMaster is IAE’s most versatile and ergonomic solution to sheep handling. Featuring effortlessly operated entry and exit gates as well as a drafting door on either side, the DraftMaster has the capability to efficiently draft large numbers of sheep manually in three different directions.


  • Large aperture for full access to the back and rump of the animal
  • Drafting doors are fastened by a spring-loaded sliding bolt which will always latch
  • Smooth operating, spring loaded entry and exit gates which require little effort to open
  • Unique locking mechanism that prevents the entry and exit gates opening once closed
  • Entry and exit gates can be fixed open if required
  • Fixed lugs allow coupling with any existing IAE sheep equipment
  • Supplied with a pole hook that fits to the drafter and is suitable for hanging drenches or wormer from
  • Anti-jump rail is supplied as standard to prevent sheep trying to jump out of the drafter
  • Used in conjunction with any Gallagher weigh scale
  • Load bars built in as standard
  • EID compatible
  • Weighing equipment can be upgraded to allow you to record data and not just measure weights
  • Supplied with handles and large diameter wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Requires some assembly as the end user can build it to be left or right handed depending on their preference
  • Full adjustable read position for optimal ergonomics
  • Entry and exit gates feature vertical rails aiming to aid the flow of sheep

Product Details

  • Dimensions - External
  • Length - 1378mm
  • Width - 580mm
  • Height - 1092mm
  • Dimensions - Internal
  • Length - 1180mm
  • Width - 480mm
  • Height - 992mm (910mm if using anti-jump bar)

Product codes

  • 1002451-01

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