• 1969

    em In 1969 after many years of developing his fabrication skills, IAE was officially founded and through his strong work ethic, Frank quickly built himself a reputation among the local farming community for producing quality products that were built to last. As knowledge of his quality products spread, “that pole in leek” began to sell his products nationally.
  • 1970

    Over the next decade IAE grew steadily. Starting with only a small yard in 1969, by 1970 Frank had already rented an additional building in the same yard
  • 1971

    With his equalled hard working attitude Frank Klucznik’s son David joined his father at IAE aged 15.
  • 1973

    macc road2 Expansion continued with the purchase of Star Mill adding a further 2500 square feet of manufacturing space along with an increased work force of 15.
  • 1982

    em 2 IAE almost trebled in size following the purchase of the Macclesfield Road site in Leek. With this expansion came further employment for the area, increasing the work force to 40. With an increase in factory size and manpower this allowed for advances to be made with products and services such as specialising in cattle markets.
  • 1988

    DK FKsnr 2 Frank handed the reigns over to his son David, who had earned himself 17 years experience in the family business.
  • 1990

    Additional premises were purchased to keep up with demand at IAE Milton and cattle crushes introduced to the IAE range.
  • 1992

    Barnfields More factory space was purchased at the Barnfields site in Leek and with more manufacturing capability came more products and in 1992 fencing production began at the Macclesfield Road site.
  • 1993

    Cheadle IAE Cheadle purchased and quickly in 1994 became the IAE Fencing Division, allowing all fencing products to be manufactured under one roof.
  • 1997

    equestrian IAE Equestrian Division started and since then IAE have designed and manufactured many types of stabling and special layouts as well as being pleased to be associated with many project at prestigious racecourses.
  • 1998

    D F Klucznik 03 3 Following in his fathers footsteps Frank Klucznik Jr joined his father at the family business. By the time the decade was out, the expansion of the company had created a further 160 jobs for the local area, totalling 200 employees.
  • 1998

    Aquisition Acquisition of Mossfield Road
  • 2003

    MFG 2004 IAE Galvanising Plant opens
  • 2007

    mfp1 2007 spelled the beginning of the vision of amalgamating all existing sites at Mossfield Road when the first phase of the production division was commissioned at Mossfield road. Subsequently, in the summer of 2007 the Milton site was relocated to Mossfield Road. This was soon followed by the Barnfields site in Leek. To meet the storage requirements of the developing site at Mossfield road, a second distribution yard was constructed in 2008.
  • 2009

    MFHQ 2009 2 A new 13,500 square foot headquarters was built to house the ever expanding office work force. All offices at existing sites were relocated to the new building bringing together the different departments into one community. 2009 also saw the expansion of the product range and of the Mossfield road site with the creation of the shelters division
  • 2011

    MFP3 With a new site came new possibilities and in the year of 2011, significant investment was made in an automated sheet metal facility that has propelled IAE ever further forward technologically
  • Today

    DCIM100MEDIADJI_0018.JPG Since the end of the 1990s the workforce has more than doubled from 200 to 500 employees making IAE one of Staffordshire’s largest employers within the manufacturing sector.