The Dream Roundhouse

20th July, 2021 | posted by IAE Media

Our projects department are proud to have worked closely with ID Agro to supply the internal equipment for this Roundhouse, situated in Ommen, Netherlands.

The Roundhouse has a diameter of 22 meters, making it the first smaller variant of the wooden Roundhouse. Despite the reduction in size, this Roundhouse is still able to offer housing and handling for between 60 and 80 beef cattle.
A unique feature to this Roundhouse is the two-tier watch tower. By climbing to the first floor, handlers and visitors are able to overlook the internal penning of the Roundhouse, making it a key feature for monitoring animal health and wellbeing. By climbing a further few steps to the second floor, visitors are able to look out from the top of the Roundhouse, enabling them access to 360-degree views of the surrounding countryside.
The very centre of the Roundhouse features a full cattle handling system, including a cattle crush, that can be accessed from any of the internal cattle pens, which are divided by using part clad Stockboard panels. All these unique characteristics make it easy for one person to operate the cattle throughout the Roundhouse.

For more information about the Bespoke Roundhouse Solutions we offer, click here.

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