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Shelter Glazing

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When choosing your shelter the glazing is one of the area where you need to ensure quality has not been compromised.

IAE shelters use PETG UV protected glazing which has a number of advantages over polycarbonate and PET alternatives offered by some companies.


PETG UV has the same fire rating as Polycarbonate

PETG UV has approximately 80% the strength of Polycarbonate more than adequate for shelter glazing

PETG UV can be repaired when light scratches and scuffs occur (by dusting with hot air gun or pencil torch flame) Polycarbonate will not repair

PETG UV is still cheaper than Polycarbonate

PETG UV has 2 co-extended UV layers giving total UV protection against degradation and yellowing, Polycarbonate that is nearest the PETG UV price is most likely UV stable and not UV protected, UV stable is where the stabalizer is in the sheet this is not as effective as UV protected (PETG UV)


PETG UV has a higher notched impact strength than PET (notched is when a sheet is drilled or machined)

PETG UV can be repaired when light scratches and scuffs occur (as above) PET will not repair

PETG UV keeps it’s impact strength for at least 10 yrs. PET loses approx 80% of it’s strength after the first 12 months.

PETG UV has become the industries chosen material due to fire rating, impact strength, price amongst others.