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Steel Field Gates

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    Steel Field Gates


IAE are the UK’s largest and leading manufacturer of steel field gates and we are able to offer a full range of styles and sizes that are available from stock. We design, manufacture and galvanise all of our steel gates on our purpose built site in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent.

We offer a large selection of field gates that are solely designed to suit every application where a metal field gate may be required, which ranges from a standard 7 rail field gate to a field gate which is deemed suitable for the Department of Transport.

Each style is theoretically tested to ensure it can withstand the environment and physical challenges that it is likely to come up against during its lifetime. If you require a bespoke length, we are able to manufacture a gate which will suit the individual needs of the opening you are trying to cover.

The majority of our gates are supplied with a spring loaded sliding bolt fastening, while some are supplied with keyhole/pendulum sliding bolt and others are supplied with a padlockable sliding bolt.

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Optional Extras

In addition to our range of gates, we are also able to supply the relevant hang and slam posts for each metal field gate and we can also supply the gate fittings, which depending on personal preference, can include a drop over frame, hold back chain, bolt on drop bold and much more.