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VisorDrink® Telescopic Brackets

1001028-01 - VisorDrink Telescopic Brackets
  • VisorDrink - Telescopic Brackets

    VisorDrink - Telescopic Brackets

  • VisorDrink Overview

    VisorDrink Overview


The VisorDrink® Telescopic Brackets are suitable for mounting the VisorDrink using standard hang brackets to mount the drinker in position.

About VisorDrink®:

The VisorDrink® is an all-in-one quick empty trough that is designed for easy drinking access but also to preserve water quality by using a built-in visor to shield the water from blown straw or muck at the front of the shed. The enclosed back and sides (shroud design) prevent access from bedded area which also helps to preserve the quality of the water.

Water is easily accessed by cattle by simply nudging the hinged visor at the front of the trough and the built-in high flow float valve can handle a high-pressure supply, allowing a continuous supply of fresh drinking water for your herd.

There is a VisorDrink to suit any building, pen or application as it is available in 3 lengths: 735mm, 1345mm, 1955mm.

A large diameter quick empty valve enables quick drainage and cleaning, and the high-flow float valve ensures a ready supply of fresh water.

The telescopic mounting design allows the VisorDrink to fit in between a variety of gaps, which may reduce the number of posts required in some instances.

About AG-fit:

The new AG-fit range from IAE is a modular off the shelf solution for all your cattle housing requirements. Primarily designed for loose housing, but also suitable for a wide variety of other applications. The easily assembled AG-fit range features an extensive collection of modular 5 rail two-part extendable gates and panels, waterers, posts and associated brackets to create a multitude of penning arrangements, all available your local IAE AG-fit stockist.

To watch our video about the AG-fit product range, click here.

VisorDrink® Telescopic Brackets:

Telescopic Brackets

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  • 1001028-01 - VisorDrink Telescopic Brackets

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