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Super Sand Stall


The Super Sand Stall has seen a dramatic increase in popularity across the UK, particularly on some of the largest and most prominent dairy units in the country. Influenced by practises adopted in North America, it is specifically for use with deep fill sand beds and has been designed and trialled by a group of eminent farmers, many of whom are RADBF Gold Cup winners. IAE has worked closely with this group to create a system to meet the requirements for comfort on a deep fill sand bed.

By supplying a post for every cubicle loop, the Super Sand Stall provides a fully unobstructed lunge zone. The shape of the Super Sand Stall cubicle loop has been designed with a slope at the rear to aid the cow when rising, and the lower rail has been positioned closer to the bed to offer maximum support for the cow even as sand compacts and disperses. The position of the lower rail creates a different indexing method to that of a space sharing cubicle and a necessity to set the cubicle loops at the wider centres of 1195mm.

Suitable for stock over 22 months.

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