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Super Comfort Cow Cubicles

  • Super comfort cow cubicles

    Super Comfort Cow Cubicles

  • Super comfort cow cubicles in situ

  • Close up super comfort cow cubicle

    Super comfort cow cubicles close up


An important aspect of the Super Comfort Cubicle is to offer easy installation, flexibility and improved cow comfort, which is all achieved by offering this cubicle with the ‘post and rail’ cantilever type loops. Super Comfort Cubicles provide a greater lunge zone, improved lying position and better space sharing. The removal of rear cubicle legs prevents any interference with the animal when rising allowing for increased animal welfare.


  • Available in 1700mm, 1800mm, 1900mm, and 2000mm long loops as standard to suit a variety of animal ages and bed lengths
  • Suitable for stock over 22 months
  • Young stock version available from 2 months
  • Easy installation compared to concreted in cubicle divisions
  • Cleaner beds when cubicles are set up correctly as animal will soil directly into scrape passage
  • Less injury to animals compared to older cubicle designs
  • Great acceptance rates from animals due to ease of use and comfort
  • Can be used with the brisket pipe if required
  • Available in shorter length loops allowing flexibility with older building refurbishments
  • Easily upgraded to Ultima® at a later date if required

Note: This equipment is Hot Dip Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461, however, where the equipment will be in prolonged contact with silage or other mineral rich water, it is recommended that food safe or non-toxic epoxy is applied to areas of the product which will be in contact with silage, feed or water before use, and then periodically thereafter when it is empty, clean and dry in order to prevent corrosion of the steel and zinc and therefore extend the life of the equipment.