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Digital Lamb Weigher


The Digital Lamb Weigher features a robust LCD crane scale with capabilities of reading up to 300kg. To ensure the reliability of the reading, the animal is weighed upon two pivot arms, which enable an accurate weight of the animal to be calculated no matter where it is stood within the weigher.

The weigher also features quick-acting twin doors at both the front and rear of the weigher, which allows for a smooth and efficient operation. Utilising the unique pivoting handle system, the twin action front, and rear doors are able to be locked open or closed.

The weigher is easily maneuvered using the wheels and handles that are supplied as a standard, and to protect the crane scale during transport, a locking-off handle can be applied.


  • Quick-acting twin entry and exit gates which are easy and smooth to operate
  • Gates can be locked open or closed
  • To aid animal flow into the weigher, it has been designed to provide the animal with excellent visibility around the crate
  • Supplied with wheels and handles as standard, making it easy to move
  • To protect the crane scale during transport a locking off handle can be applied
  • Supplied with a fully galvanised tray for holding any relevant equipment
  • An entry level EID compatible Lamb Weigher (1002588-01) is also available, which can be used with a Gallagher Weigh Scale (sold separately)

Product Details

  • Dimensions - External
  • Length - 1264mm
  • Width - 545mm
  • Height - 1000mm
  • Dimensions - Internal
  • Length - 1140mm
  • Width - 410mm
  • Height - 835mm

Product codes

  • 1002587-01 Digital Lamb Weigher
  • 1002588-01 Electronic Lamb Weigher (EID compatible)

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