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Continental Gates

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Continental gates are designed specifically for handling and penning duties, this range of exceptionally heavy duty gates is offered in a choice of heights and rail numbers to suit a variety of uses.

Main specification is 50 x 50mm box section hanging and slamming stiles, with 48.3mm dia tube horizontals, and 38mm dia tube vertical infillers for maximum strength. Sleeved hanging stiles and keyhole pendulum sliding bolts are standard.

  • 3 rail to hang @ 1525mm for housing dairy cattle
  • 4 rail to hang @ 1525mm for penning bull beef, or cattle housing where
  • Extra ground clearance is required to allow auto scarper to pass below
  • 5 rail to hang @ 1525mm for general purpose stockyard and handling facilities
  • 6 rail to hang @ 1830mm for holding pens where additional height is required
  • 7 rail to hang @ 1525mm multipurpose – suitable for cattle/sheep/calf
  • Includes 3(no) 31.75mm dia rails

  • LE F022 2003 08 - 2440mm Long (Panel)
  • LE F022 2003 10 - 3050mm Long (Panel)
  • LE F000 2017 10 - 3050mm Long
  • LE F000 2017 12 - 3660mm Long
  • LE F000 2017 15 - 4575mm Long

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