Hereford Market has moved

22nd June, 2011 | posted by IAE Media

Hereford Livestock Market is the third largest livestock Market in the United Kingdom and for 155 years, has been situated in the cattle market, Hereford.

It has now entered a new era and has recently been relocated to a new site on the Roman Road, Hereford. This new site now facilitates excellent access routes, parking and communication facilities with superb penning facilities. The whole penning area is now undercover

IAE have been working closely with Hereford Market Auctioneers Richard Hyde and Michael Evans on the internal planning arrangements of the livestock penning areas and other livestock equipment. Richard and Michael represent Sunderland & Thompsons and Brightwells Auctioneers respectfully, which consolidated to form Hereford Market Auctioneers back in 1982.

Our design and technical team have been on hand to assist with the internal design arrangements of the market.

Working closely with other companies to supply the right equipment for the job. One of which is 24-7 Weighing Solutions

The market has a throughput of in excess of 240,000 animals each year, from Herefordshire and its 5 neighbouring counties. It now boosts 111 cattle pens, 802 sheep pens , 2 sale rings one for each sheep and cattle, 2 sets of scales, capable of holding up to 60 sheep, a cattle weighbridge and a total of 29 unloading bays, with this type of capacity and facilities on offer, Sale Days will be much better equipped to accommodate livestock, vendor and purchaser.


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