Goats Make New Circle of Friends

15th February, 2014 | posted by IAE Media

Ruth and Anthony Key are only one of sixteen commercial goat farmers in the UK, and it’s all taking place in a Roundhouse near Stone in Staffordshire, where Ruth and Anthony are in the middle of their first kidding season. Goats are very sociable animals and the design of the roundhouse was the perfect solution for this type of farming,  providing open sides with a well-ventilated environment for the goats to move about in, where they can easily see each other. Something that’s important for these herding animals that often form strong bonds between pairs. With 77 pregnant goats this year, Ruth and Anthony are going to be kept busy over the forthcoming weeks.

IAE were very keen to be involved with this relative new concept of farming in the local area and were on hand to help Ruth and Anthony to fit out their Roundhouse to suit their requirements. We wish them every success in their future venture.

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Goats Make New Circle of Friends