Borderway Agri-Expo 2017

Borderway Agri-Expo 2017

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03 Nov, 2017

The Borderway Agri Expo is a true celebration of the very best British Livestock, and the farmers, breeders and stockmen who look after them.  In the past ten years that Agri Expo has been going, its popularity has increased year on year, and the focus on the younger generation has developed as an integral part, with future young farmers showing they have the ability to show cattle and sheep as well as their elders.

Borderway Agri Expo is one of the largest events in the UK Agri industry, showcasing the best quality beef cattle and sheep, the latest developments in farming practice, breeding, genetics, machinery, equipment, technology, environmental issues, livestock marketing and export opportunities.

Last year saw over 850 cattle and sheep compete in the livestock classes and was a true showcase for the tremendous stock that head to Carlisle to compete in what is now the UK’s largest winter livestock fair.  The event proves that farmers and breeders care as much about quality and condition as they do about profits and margins.