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Crusader Plus Cattle Crush


The Crusader Plus Cattle Crush is now the only cattle crush in our range to feature our saloon door manually operated traditional lever-type yoke at the front of the crush.


  • Suitable for calf fostering
  • Access enables cesarean operations to be performed if required
  • Option to add foot trim kit if required
  • Not compatible with Superscoop®

RDPE CPSG compliant. For more information visit 

Requires additional sliding gate (F040 2008 04) or crush extension (F045 2020 02) to be fully compatible with grant


Product Details

  • HEIGHT - 1900mm
  • LENGTH - 2620mm
  • WIDTH - 2438mm
  • BASE WIDTH - 838mm
  • INTERNAL WIDTH - 738mm

Options Available

Options Available

Product codes

  • F045 2012 03 - Crusader Plus Crush

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