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Superscoop® MK 4.5


The Superscoop® is an essential addition to any cattle crush (compatibility dependent) as it stabilises and restricts the side-to-side movement of the animals head, making tasks such as bolus delivery and ear tagging effortless. The Superscoop also offers increased safety for both the animal and the operator, which is paramount.

Our latest design (version 4.5) includes a positive unidirectional lock and locking position for the scoop arm at rest (in its vertical position). This is crucial for preventing accidental damage when not in use. In addition to this key upgrade, the internal components have also been upgraded to improve the reliability and longevity of the product.

The Superscoop is supplied factory fitted as a right-hand unit, however it is configurable to be left hand operated by completing a simple change over procedure (full documentation is supplied with the product to aid this).


  • Improved plastic moulding for the scoop, offering greater strength whilst improving access to the head, reducing proximity to the eyes and minimising ear tag loss
  • Locking ratchet mechanism using a concentric locking face and pawl allowing for an easy and quick release when under pressure, reducing strain on the operator and the animal
  • A superior fixing bracket which offers a more stable point of rotation
  • An extra-large diameter central pivot point distributes the load over a much greater area, significantly reducing the wear on the component
  • Maintenance free central bearings designed from self-lubricating carbon filled PTFE, offer exceptional strength and wear characteristics
  • Neat aesthetics featuring an all-internal mechanism, without reducing ease of maintenance
  • May require some self assembly

Farming Equipment & Technology Fund (FETF) 2023 compliant. To view other available products, please click here.


Product codes

  • F045 2200 18 - Mrk 4.5 Left hand to suit Chieftain, Saracen Crushes
  • F045 2200 30 - 800 Series Optional Extras 1003653-01 A800 Scoop Fitting Kit 1003654-01 M800 Scoop Fitting Kit


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