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Cattle Crush Extension

F045 2020 02 - Cattle Crush Extension
  • IAE Cattle Crush Extension


Providing a safe working area for those handling cattle in a crush is paramount. The Cattle Crush Extension provides a safe working area to the rear of the animal, which can be useful for pregnancy diagnosing (PD

  • The addition of the crush extension extends the length of the crush by 970mm whilst standing 2175mm high
  • Any hand operated sliding door prevents the next animal in the race from entering the cattle crush
  • The side access panels swing both outwards and inwards. Swinging and securing the bottom panel inwards can be useful for preventing the handler from being kicked by the animal
  • Flip over catch can be used on one or both sides of the gate to lock the gate in position
  • A fully welded, flat treadplate floor provides the cattle with ample grip
  • May require some self assembly

Will fit the Crusader Plus and all main range crushes.

When a crush extension is fitted it will not be possible to use the rear foot-blocks of a foot trimming kit without removing the crush extension first.


  • F045 2020 02 - Cattle Crush Extension

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