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Ultima Cow Cubicles

  • Ultima Cow Cubicles

    Ultima® Cow Cubicles

  • Ultima® Cow Cubicles in situ

  • Ultima layout

  • Ultima layout


Our Ultima® cubicle has been designed to be the modern choice for a successful dairy housing unit.

As per our previous cubicle styles, the Ultima Cow Cubicles maintains the same high head rail position, but also includes the option to raise the head rail further if required. To increase the lunge zone of the cow, we have also dropped the lower support rail closer to the bed, which helps to prevent head or leg traps and in addition to this, the upper support rail has also been lowered to prevent animals walking through the bed.

These features have greatly improved the acceptance rates into the bed and helped to achieve a higher percentage of animals lying correctly for the longest period of time.

Oure Ultima Cow Cubicles is the modern choice for a successful diary housing solution.


  • Available in 1800mm, 1900mm, and 2000mm, long loops as standard to suit a variety of animal ages and bed lengths
  • Suitable for stock over 22 months
  • Improved initial standing position prior to lying down
  • Reduced pressure on back legs due to correct preliminary position (no perching)
  • Lying in correct position with large lunge zone
  • Superb acceptance rates for improved comfort

Note: This equipment is Hot Dip Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461, however, where the equipment will be in prolonged contact with silage or other mineral rich water, it is recommended that food safe or non-toxic epoxy is applied to areas of the product which will be in contact with silage, feed or water before use, and then periodically thereafter when it is empty, clean and dry in order to prevent corrosion of the steel and zinc and therefore extend the life of the equipment.