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Highland Cattle Crush


The Highland crush is designed to be specifically suited to cattle with horns yet is still suitable for non-horned breeds of cattle. Fronted by a manually operated scissor style yoke, the yoke arms retract fully into the sides of the crush to maximise the visibility for the animals and a simple winding system allows the yoke width to be set anywhere between 100mm and 280mm.

Features unique to this product include:

  • A lever-style operating handle operates the yoke arms, making it quick and easy to yoke the cow as they enter the crush
  • Two side doors, combined with a removable side rail on either side of the crush allow full access to the animal’s flanks
  • Slightly tapered treadplate floor provides ample grip for the cattle and helps to keep all four feet inside the crush when all access doors are open
  • Ratchet style rump bar for keeping cattle forwards in the crush
  • Rear gate fitted as standard
  • Pallet fork lifting points welded to the top horizontal rails makes transporting the crush easy



Load Bars  Foot Trimming Kit

Cattle Crush Accessories


Product Details

  • Length - 2775mm
  • Base Length - 2170mm
  • Width - 1300mm
  • Internal Width - 740mm
  • Height - 1900mm

Product codes

  • F045 2009 01 - Highland Cattle Crush

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