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Fully Meshed Deer Gate


The range of Fully Meshed Deer Gates are designed as a standard at 1860mm high to prevent deer from being able to to jump the gate and escape the enclosure. The gate contains three horizontal rails and in addition to this, the gate is fully clad with 75mm x 75mm x 4mm weld mesh to help retain smaller species of deer inside the enclosure.

All of the Deer Gates are supplied with a padlockable sliding bolt as a standard so that the enclosure can remain safe and secure at all times. The gates can be supplied with posts specifically designed to hang any size IAE deer gate.

There are currently 3 sizes of deer gate supplied as a standard, however we are able to manufacture bespoke lengths to best suit any of your individual requirements. If you require a bespoke Fully Meshed Deer Gate, please visit our Contact Us page to find the details of your local Areas Sales Manager.


Product codes

  • LE F000 2035 04 - 1220mm (4'0")
  • LE F000 2035 10 - 3050mm (10'0")
  • LE F000 2035 12 - 3660mm (12'0")
  • Hang Posts For Deer Gates
  • LE F017 2003 13 -114.3mm (4½") o.d x 2590mm long
  • Slam Posts For Deer Gates
  • LE F017 2003 34 -114.3mm (4½") o.d x 2590mm long

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