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Chieftain Suckler Cattle Crush


SG4 – Part of the RDPE Small Grant Scheme July 2019 (Requires additional sliding gate (F040 2008 04) or crush extension (F045 2020 02) to be fully compatible with grant)

The Chieftain Suckler Cattle Crush comes with a flat floor to encourage easy suckler training side doors extended to meet flat floor

  • Two full height side doors on each side (hinged from each end) allow full access with no obstructions to the animal’s flanks
  • Comes complete with a single removable rail each side which prevents the animal’s body swinging out of the crush when both side doors are opened. This rail can be left in place/situ with the side doors closed
  • Traditional backing up bar facility
  • Rear gate included as standard
  • Pallet fork lifting points welded onto the top horizontal rails
  • Wheel to allow infinite adjustment of yoke aperture
  • Can be manufactured whole or part opposite hand if required (extra cost)
  • Can be manufactured 305mm longer than standard if required (extra cost)
  • Weight 505 kg



Weigh Platform  Load Bars  Foot Trimming Kit  Super Scoop  Lifting Frame  Sliding Rear Gate  Kiosk Lugs

Cattle Crush Extension

Cattle Crush Accessories

Product Details

  • LENGTH - 2740 mm
  • BASE LENGTH - 2560 mm
  • WIDTH - 838 mm
  • INTERNAL WIDTH - 738 mm
  • HEIGHT - 1900 mm

Options Available

Options Available

Product codes

  • F045 2006 15 - Chieftain Suckler Cattle Crush

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