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AG-fit | AG-5 Panel Insert

F002 2003 01 - AG-fit Panel Insert 920mm
  • 50 x 50mmHang stile
  • ⌀48.3mmVertical end filler
  • ⌀42.1mmIntermediate rails
  • Includes eyebolts and plastic caps
  • The AG-fit AG-5 panel comprises of two parts, the Primary and the Panel Insert, which assembles telescopically to create the desired length panel.

    AG-5 Panel Insert


The AG-5 Insert Panel and the Primary assemble telescopically to create a desired length AG-5 Panel. They are not designed to be variable length when in use.

They are available in 3 different lengths, varying between 920mm and 1585mm, which is then combined with a primary to make a panel between the length of 550mm – 6000mm.

The new AG-fit range from IAE is a modular off the shelf solution for all your cattle housing requirements. Primarily designed for loose housing, but also suitable for a wide variety of other applications. The easily assembled AG-fit range features an extensive collection of modular 5 rail two-part extendable gates and panels (made from AG-5 primary and inserts), waterers, posts and associated brackets to create a multitude of penning arrangements, all available from your local IAE AG-fit stockist.

AG-5 Panel Insert Varients



Panel Insert
Product Code

Pack Size



F002 2003 01




F002 2003 02




F002 2003 03


Includes eyebolts and plastic caps.

To watch our video about the AG-fit product range, including information about how the panel insert fits together with the primary, click here.

  • F002 2003 01 - AG-fit Panel Insert 920mm
  • F002 2003 02 - AG-fit Panel Insert 1200mm
  • F002 2003 03 - AG-fit Panel Insert1280mm

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