2000 Freight Cages for DHL

23rd August, 2021 | posted by IAE Media

2000 Freight Cages for DHL!

Earlier this year, IAE were approached by DHL with a project proposal in relation to their freight moving cages. They wanted their freight cages redesigning to be suitable for moving all kinds of freight parcels, while also being more durable than their previous freight cages.

Given IAE’s extraordinary manufacturing facilities and capabilities at our Head Quarters in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, our Bespoke Solutions department were able to offer DHL a solution that could be completed from start to finish all in-house.

Utilising latest generation 3D design and analysis software, our Research and Development department built an on-screen prototype that was critically evaluated to assess the strength and durability of the proposed design. The outcome of this testing provided a tailored solution, that could be competitively priced to supersede previous designs of the DHL Freight Cage.

Our manufacturing facility was next able to turn the on-screen prototype into a reality. Using specially designed jigs and automated manufacturing processes, each cage was constructed before being hot dip galvanised at our on-site galvanising facility. Having our own galvanising facility meant that the lead time of the whole process could be significantly reduced as there is no dependence on an external company to galvanise all of our products. Our galvanising facility also allows us to control the quality of the finish of each product, and ensure that the process is completed to the highest standard.

In total, we have completed over 2000 freight cages for DHL, ahead of schedule and within the budget. For further information and images of the project, click here.

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