The Farming Investment Fund

16th November, 2021 | posted by IAE Media

Today (November 16th), applications for the Farming Investment Fund have been opened by DEFRA. 

In the Agricultural Transition Plan, DEFRA believe there is a way for the industry to increase productivity in an environmentally sustainable way without relying on Direct Payments. As Direct Payments are phasing out, new initiatives are taking flight. The Farming Investment Fund is one of the ways through which profitability and environmental good can be achieved.

Simply put, The Farming Investment Fund is divided in two. One part of the fund awards grants of lower value and the other part awards grants of higher value.The lower value investment part of the fund is called the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund.The higher value investment part of the fund is called the Farming Transformation Fund.Farmers and agricultural or forestry contractors involved in the production or processing of agricultural, horticultural or forestry products, who are based in England, can apply for a grant.  It’s worth saying that agents will be able to apply on behalf of their clients, so long as they have the necessary permission on the Rural Payments system.

The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund 

The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund will provide smaller grants to improve business performance. Farmers can apply for a grant to buy items from a set list of equipment, technology and small infrastructure investments. It is based on the current Countryside Productivity Small Grant scheme.We are working with farmers, foresters, growers, contractors, and representative organisations to refresh this list.

You will be able to make an application online quickly and simply. The approval process will be straightforward, with a clear grant value assigned to each item. If an application is successful, the applicant will buy the item and then will be able to claim the reimbursement using their receipt.

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