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Arrangement A3 – Swing Door Stables, plastic board and half grille partitions


Arrangement A3 is shown but if you require any help with your stable arrangement please call 01782 339320.

Please view the products codes or download the pdf document for more information.

IAE’s Moorland Stables are easy to order.

  1. Plan your layout.
  2. Select your Stable Size.
  3. Select your Door Type.
  4. Select your Partition.
  5. Place your Order.

IAE have been manufacturing Equestrian Stabling for over 25 years. Our long-standing position within the industry, combined with the undertaking of many prestigious equestrian projects, has enabled us to refine our Equestrian range to be durable, versatile and excellent value.

Drawing on some of our best previous concepts and design features, we now offer the Moorland Stabling range, which comprises of a variety of frontages, partitions and accessories. The Moorland range is designed to be a modular and standardised solution, allowing you to purchase the individual items you need and combine them to create your optimal solution. All aspects of the Moorland stabling range are manufactured using a combination of advanced manufacturing technology and high-quality materials, ensuring that the stabling you purchase will stand the test of time.

You can view our equestrian range in our online brochure 


Product codes

  • F093 2002 12 - x 3 - Moorland fronts with bottom swing door plastic infill
  • F093 2002 42 - x 3 - Moorland half grille partition plastic infill
  • F093 2002 81 - x 1 - End Post

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