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Water Troughs

Universal Drinkers

1001030-01 - Single Sided 380mm long x 370mm wide
  • Universal Drinkers - Single Sided

  • Universal Drinkers - Double Sided


Universal Drinkers are ideal for use in pens holding small animals, in sick pens, or where installation of lager drinkers is not possible. Both single and double-sided units can be used between pens in a shared arrangement (using AG-fit drinker insert ends). The limited potential for water spillage means that if required, locating these in the bedded area is not uncommon, or mounting outside of a feed panel/stanchion line is also possible.

The Universal Drinker can be used and mounted independently, however, IAE now offers an off-the-shelf Universal Bracket to suit the Universal Drinker. The Universal Bracket is designed to protect your Universal Drinker from boisterous animals, whilst also offering a multitude of simple mounting options for the drinker. Post, RSJ, wall or base mounted, the Universal Bracket is highly flexible and easy to install.

  • Universal drinkers available single or double sided
  • 9.87L capacity per side
  • Supplied c/w ball valve

Note: This equipment is Hot Dip Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461, however, where the equipment will be in prolonged contact with silage or other mineral rich water, it is recommended that food safe or non-toxic epoxy is applied to areas of the product which will be in contact with silage, feed or water before use, and then periodically thereafter when it is empty, clean and dry in order to prevent corrosion of the steel and zinc and therefore extend the life of the equipment.

  • 1001030-01 - Single Sided 380mm long x 370mm wide
  • F020 2020 05 - Double sided 380mm long x 570mm wide