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Sheep System D Plus


  • Sheep System D is the cornerstone of a most versatile system utilising a 4880mm approx semi-circular forcing pen. Sheep System D Plus builds on this to provide additional holding for 100 head.
  • Approximately 15000mm long x 5100mm wide
  • Options to put sheep through a narrow sorting race, footbath race or 915mm approx wide treatment race
  • Swing and slide gate allows the forcing pen to be full all of the time
  • Sheeted race can be tapered if required when working on lambs

Kit comprises of:

  • 1 x 3050mm x 915mm stand in footbath
  • 4 x 3050mm 6 railed sheep hurdle
  • 1 x 3050mm 6 railed sliding gate hurdle
  • 1 x 2500mm pair of rail gate in frame
  • 1 x swing and slide gate
  • 1 x 570mm wide guillotine gate
  • 1 x guillotine gate and rope pulley kit
  • 1 x drafting/stop gate
  • 1 x 570mm wide race joiner
  • 4 x 2500mm 6 rail sliding gate hurdle
  • 5 x 3050mm sheeted hurdle
  • 3 x 1870mm radiused hurdle sheeted
  • 3 x 1750mm long dual-rail gates in frame
  • 2 clamp-on sheep lugs
  • 3 x 3050mm sheeted shedding hurdle
  • 1 x 1930mm radius x 1000mm 3 rail gate in frame
  • 1 x 76mm h/post c/w b/plate pivot and lugs
  • 34 x sheep coupling rod

Product codes

  • 1000349 - Sheep System D Plus

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