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Large Calf Dehorning Crate


  • Large Calf Dehorning Crate 1185mm long x 480mm wide 1195mm high c/w wooden floor
  • The hinged gates at the back of each side allow access all around the animals rear end
  • Optional wheels and handle if required
  • Calves walk in and exit through the front gate
  • Yoke arm in fixed front gated section has adjustable rachet catches
  • Supplied with adjustable wooden head rest and rope restraint
  • Supplied with belly strap and backing up bar

Product codes

  • F059 2002 01 - 1185mm long x 1195mm high x 480mm wide
  • F059 2002 02 - 1185mm long x 1195mm high x 480mm wide c/w wheels and handles

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