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Economy Portable Sheep Race

F050 2001 01
  • Economy Portable Sheep Race


PLEASE NOTE: Certain foot treatment products may cause foot bath to deteriorate in a short period of time. We can provide a plastic foot bath as an alternative (extra cost)

  • 4960mm race makes treating and sorting sheep an effortless task
  • Hurdles stand at 905mm high
  • Guillotine gate allows the operator to control the number of animals in the race at any one time
  • Two-way drafting gate allows animals to be sorted at the end of the race
  • Race joiner sits between the hurdles to prevent hurdles from splaying
  • Additional hurdles can be attached via the drilled lugs

Comprising of
F050 2001 08 – 2 (no) 2480 r/h or l/h economy sheeted hurdles
F050 2003 01 – 1 (no) guillotine gate
F050 2004 01 – 1 (no) economy race joiner
F050 2005 01 – 1 (no) economy drafting stop gate

  • F050 2001 01