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Badger Defence™ Beef Trough


After successful trials on farms in areas with high numbers of badgers, IAE has launched the Badger Defence™ beef trough.  Designed to stop the badger’s ingress to the animal’s feed, preventing the spread of TB known to be caused by this, without harming the badger.

“Trials were conducted in High Badger Density Areas and Badgers were successfully excluded from feeding” (Antony Pope of South West TB Farm Advisory Service)

  • 230mm approx deep trough
  • Comes with verticle legs as standard
  • 2x welded RHS bracings for added strength
  • Spinning rollers fitted to prevent grip on all four sides, which helps to stop the badger’s ingress to the animal feed preventing the spread of TB (Badger Defence)

RDPE CPSG compliant. For more information visit 


Product Details

  • Length - 2440mm
  • Width - 786mm
  • Height - 675mm

Product codes

  • F030 2016 30 - Low level beef trough
  • F030 2016 45 - Badger Defence Kit only NB: Pre-June 2012 models will need legs drilling to suit both lugs

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