National Lorry Week 2021

26th October, 2021 | posted by IAE Media

This week marks National Lorry Week which highlights the vital and often over-looked role that the logistics industry plays in our lives and within businesses every day. We are proud to support this initiative and so we are championing our fleet of fantastic and unmistakeable lorries, our first-class drivers and the logistics team behind the scenes who ensure that all of our finished products make it to their final destination.

The majority of our deliveries are made using our own extensive fleet of vehicles. To assist with our distribution management, our dedicated logistics team use the latest load planning technology to ensure every load that leaves our Head Quarters in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, is carrying maximum capacity. Asides from this, we also make best use of vehicle tracking software, that enables our logistics team to monitor the position of our entire fleet, so that we can best plan for impending loads. We also equip many of our lorries with a mechanical offloading facility, which helps to make the offloading process quicker and more efficient.

Our extensive customer base takes our lorries and drivers all over Great Britain, delivering to many one-off and unique sites, whilst also making regular deliveries into our large dealership and customer network. The day-to-day work is hugely varied and on occasions, the team has had the pleasure of delivering to high profile people, which has included royalty, as well delivering to many beautiful locations across the country.

Without our fleet of lorries, vehicles and drivers, combined with the logistics team, the day-to-day operations of IAE would be a great challenge. Therefore, during National Lorry Week 2021, we want to thank all of our employees who work hard to keep this area of the business a success.


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