Introducing Equestrian Stabling from IAE!

23rd May, 2024 | posted by IAE Media

Introducing Equestrian stabling by IAE!

Last month marked the official launch of our dedicated Equestrian division. IAE has been designing and manufacturing internal stables since 1997 and now that we have a focused Equestrian sales team, plus additional resources we can really allow the division to flourish.

The main objective of IAE Equestrian Stabling has remained constant since our creation, to design high-quality stabling that is both practical and excellent value. All whilst maintaining a classic visual appearance.

Equestrian stables

The Moorland Range is the foundation of the division and includes frontages, partitions, external doors, paddock penning, and more. We don’t want to stop there, our design team are raring to go with ideas to expand the range, to release new products and to surpass the needs of the Equestrian community.

As of May 2024, you will be able to see our products first hand on our brand-new Equestrian show stand! Built from a variety of frontages, doors, and partitions you can get a feel for what your stables could be like, if you choose our stabling range to house your horses.

Equestrian show stand

We will be attending a variety of shows across the rest of 2024, beginning with the Royal Cheshire County Show in June. We hope to see you there but there’s plenty of other shows to find us at this year, so please refer to our events page for a complete list:

If you are unable to attend our events or you just cant wait to see our stabling range, you can contact our Equestrian Sales Team who can arrange a private viewing for you in our Customer Experience Centre.

Alongside our new name and sales team, we now have our own social media platforms! We are very excited about this as it will allow us to engage with you all more over Facebook & Instagram via @iaeequestrianstabling or you can find us on TikTok as iae.equestrian.

Explore the current range via our website or do you want to learn more from our sales team? Call 01782 339 320 or email [email protected]

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