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HR5 EID Portable Hand Held Reader


The HR5 EID Portable Hand Held Reader and data collector. High-performance readers provide a super-fast read of both HDX and FDX-B tags, and with an ergonomic and hard-wearing design they are the perfect tool for portable EID data collection.

An incredibly powerful portable data collection and editing device enabling users to record, edit and customise data anywhere on the farm.

With its large colour screen and alphanumeric keypad, the HR5 is the most powerful portable data collection and editing platform available providing flexibility right there in the yard. Farmers can record, edit and customise data against EID records immediately without needing to set it up in the office first.

  • Fast and continuous reading
  • Large, easy to read screen
  • Full texting style keypad
  • Ergonomic design
  • LED, vibration and beeper
  • ISO half and full-duplex compliant
  • Large easy to read display (indoors & out) clearly shows visual and EID tag numbers to confirm the correct animal’s information
  • Collect data not just EID numbers – unique phone style keypad for adding and editing data in the yard
  • Add Visual ID’s to identify and record information against an animal e.g. replacing a lost EID tag number
  • Enter numeric, text, date and pick-list type traits e.g. breed, sex, condition score, pregnancy status or free typing in ‘lame’ or ‘loose’
  • Animal notes can be set to appear when the animal is next scanned
  • Records weight and displays weight gain
  • Link mothers (Dam) ID to newborns as soon as the EID tag is in place, add birthing details such as sex, birthing ease and fate
  • Add and customise session names (such as Week 13 Lambs, Pen 12 Angus, Hereford Cows) making it easy to identify once uploaded into
  • APS software
  • Sort on the go. Sort group name and colour is highlighted on screen for easy reference
  • View animal history
  • View past traits, activities and life data recorded against an animal
  • Fast and continuous reading
  • Read multiple tags in quick succession with one trigger click – no need to repeatedly click the trigger between reads
  • Simple connectivity. Easily connect via Bluetooth to other devices
  • Cables included for PC connection and to charge in the car Animal Performance Software (APS) included.
  • Easy immediate tag read feedback with a vibrating handle, loud beeper and super bright LED at end of snout
  • Award-winning ergonomic design comfortable for long usage times, reduces the risk of trapping hand or arm in animal handlers and simple trigger action for each read
  • Compatible with all brands of weigh scales

Come with free robust carry case

Product codes

  • B123 0350 05 - HR5 EID Portable Hand Held Reader
  • O33037

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