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Standard Calf Penning

  • Standard Calf Penning

    Standard Calf Penning


Calf penning is designed to help to stop the spread of diseases and increase feed intake. Read the full benefits here. Our Standard Calf Penning has been designed to meet every standard of welfare whilst ensuring it is practical and functional for the handler.

We offer one style of frontage. This includes 2 head spaces and 2 bucket holders, allowing water and corn to be available at the same time.

Side panels can be purchased either part sheeted with a viewing gap at the top of the hurdle, or standard 6 rail hurdles are available alternatively.

For the back panels, either a fully sheeted panel or a 6-rail hurdle is available to purchase.

A double-sided Mesh Hay Basket can also be purchased, which slots over division panels, allowing it to be accessed from either side and used to feed hay.

Key features of our Standard Calf Penning:

  • Maximum height 1018mm
  • 25mm x 25mm SHS horizontal rails and end vertical stiles
  • Welded slot lugs at each end to suit 10mm diameter coupling rod arrangement (rods extra)
  • Supplied with plastic caps to top the tends of vertical stiles

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