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Fully Sheeted Slipway Hurdles

F051 2907 15 - 1525mm with removable panel
  • Fully Sheeted Slipway Hurdles


IAE’s fully sheeted slipway hurdle has the following features

  • Used when animals are to be put into a dipping bath (dipping bath not included)
  • Lift out section has inverted hooks at each end
  • Lift out hurdle can be replaced by a curtain (extra cost)
  • Open section is 1500mm approx wide in both available options

  • F051 2907 15 - 1525mm with removable panel
  • F051 2907 30 - 3050mm with 1525mm removable panel
  • F051 2907 01 - CURTAIN ONLY - to suit slipway hurdle