Welshpool Livestock Market Official Opening

28th April, 2010 | posted by IAE Media

This state of the art livestock facility is the result of the direct development and working relationship IAE has with all of its customers. We offer assistance with the design and development process all the way through to the installation

With more than 100 sheep pens and 200 cattle pens as well as additional penning available, for annual one day sales. The new market now covers a staggering 149,000 ft sq (16 acre) over the total site, this size of project was no problem for IAE.

The following key features have played an enormous part in the development of such a livestock project.

  • Assistance every step of the way, from IAE’s experienced design team.
  • Working together from the start to ensure the highest possible levels of Bio-security are met.
  • Extensive knowledge gained over 40 years in livestock handling/movements.
  • Design assisted expertise in the development of your project using the latest technology.
  • Assistance with the installation process.

We are very pleased to announce that the project was completed on time on November 6th 2009 and officially opened by HRM Queen on April 28th 2010.

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