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Supreme Cow Cubicles


The Supreme cubicle is based on the proven Super Comfort design but taken to the next level.

To increase acceptance rates of cows entering cubicles for the first time, we have raised the head rail to 1250mm. This gives the dual advantage of allowing the cow to stand with all four feet on the bed, (instead of having her rear legs in scrape passage), thus reducing pressure on the rear feet. Furthermore the higher head rail positively encourages the cow to lie down sooner.

In addition we have created a deeper circle loop therefore lowering the bottom support rail. In other cubicle designs this lower rail can be seen restricting a cows lunging space when she is rising, as the head dips when the cow lunges to get up.

  • Available in 1700mm, 1800mm, 1900mm, 2000mm and 2100mm long loops as standard to suit a variety of bed lengths
  • Head to head runs using a single carrying rail and double brackets are more cost effective than single runs

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