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Saracen Yoke Gate in Frame


  • The Saracen Yoke Gate in Frame is a self closing yoke design activated by the animal’s forward movement
  • Release handles fitted to both sides
  • If an animal shuts the yoke having not put its head through, reset handles allow yoke to be reset without needing to let the animal exit the crush
  • Operator handle assists animal exit if required
  • Fully sheeted baffle plates to eliminate leg trapping
  • Adjustable width yoke with 7 settings between 100mm and 250mm
  • Vertical yoke arms to reduce the risk of choking if the animal collapses
  • Lugs and short coupling rods included to fix to portable cattle hurdles etc
  • Compatible with Super Scoop®


Product codes

  • F040 2001 01 - Saracen Yoke Gate in Frame

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