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Saracen Squeeze Crush


The Saracen Squeeze crush features a self-closing ‘Automatic’ yoke which is activated by the animal’s forward movement. The Saracen yoke is easily adjusted allowing seven alternative yoke settings in widths between 100mm and 250mm. The vertical yoke arms help to reduce the risk of choking if the animal collapses whilst yoked, whilst baffle plates on yokes eliminate leg traps. This yoke does not require a front safety cage to be fitted when in use.

The squeeze panels operate quickly and quietly combined with the Chieftain or Saracen yoke, this squeeze crush enables the operator to perform tasks whilst keeping the animal calm and safe.

The Saracen Squeeze crush includes the following key features:



NOTE: Not compatible with sliding gate system. F040 2008 02

Product Details

  • HEIGHT - 1800mm
  • LENGTH - 2340mm
  • WIDTH - 838mm
  • BASE LENGTH - 2200mm
  • INTERNAL WIDTH - 738 - 260mm

Options Available

Options Available

Product codes

  • F045 2005 11 - Saracen Squeeze Crush

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