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M1000 Cattle Crush


The new M1000 Cattle Crush represents the pinnacle of manual yoke design and encompasses the foremost yoke concepts and everything IAE have learned in over 25 years of yoke manufacture and development.

Speed is a key feature of the M1000. A sliding gate design, the yoke is positioned manually using the smooth action operating handle. At whatever point the yokes are positioned, they lock automatically, rendering time intensive individual adjustment unnecessary. The doors are then easily unlocked and opened by the operating handle in one easy movement!

The super quiet, ratchet free design is an advantage when handling nervous cattle. The yoke also entices animals into and through the crush by being left fully open by the operator, yet is quick enough to catch the animal as it passes, this saves time and manpower by negating the need to encourage animals to move down the race. The yoke will lock at any point throughout its range of movement, this highly adjustable design makes the M1000 yoke ideal for mixed herds, as well as short horned cattle. The solid front gates of the M1000 mean zero leg traps at all points of the yoke’s operation.

Extensively tested by using computer simulations, a purpose built pneumatic “accelerated simulation” test rig (to over 150,000 cycles without failure), plus on site testing with thousands of animals for over 12 months, the M1000 is a highly developed cattle crush that is built to last.

The M1000 yoke is allied to the NEW 1000 Series Crush Body, featuring :

  • Internal dimension of 760mm to allow large animals to fit in the crush with ease.
  • Three full length side gates on each side to offer full access to the whole of the animal when fully opened. These can be opened in stages to keep the animal contained at all times, increasing operator safety.
  • Advanced polyethylene bushed hinges and polymer/steel ‘easy open latches’ to reduce crush noise signature and enhance overall feel of the product.
  • Integrated load bar points
  • Easily upgraded with optional extras (see our downloads  for more information)

Product codes

  • F045 2013 02 - M1000 Manual Yoke Crush R/Hand
  • F045 2013 03 - M1000 Manual Yoke Crush L/Hand
  • F045 2013 05 - M1000S Manual Crush & Sliding Gate R/Hand
  • F045 2013 06 - M1000S Manual Crush & Sliding Gate L/Hand
  • F045 2013 08 - M1000R Manual Crush & Rotating Rump Bar R/Hand
  • F045 2013 09 - M1000R Manual Crush & Rotating Rump Bar L/Hand
  • F045 2013 50 - Extension with sliding gate to fit body only
  • F045 2013 56 - Encapsulating cage for Manual Yoke Crush frontage
  • F045 2013 53 - Manual Yoke rear operation extension
  • F045 2013 54 - Foot trimming kit designed for use with Professional Crushes only
  • F045 2013 55 - Rear Sliding gate only
  • F045 2013 52 - Optional Weighscale holder


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