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Electronic Quick Weigh 1000


  • Electronic Quick Weigh 1000 c/w load bars/brackets features a simple weighing mode only using W210 scale
  • 2000kg weighing capacity using 1000mm standard load bars
  • 6 metre long tough polyurethane load bar cables with high quality moisture proof connectors
  • Tough shock resistant and water proof indicator case
  • Designed for use under crushes
  • Load bars can be bolted down if required
  • Locks on to animals weight regardless of movement
  • Three weighing modes for quick and easy weighing
  • Comes with internal rechargeable battery
  • Electronic load bars have anit-rodent chew cables

Product codes

  • F047 2002 30 - Quick Weigh 1000 c/w fixing brackets to suit standard crushes

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